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Travel Experiences
in Peru
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the impressive legacy
of ancient cultures
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about different
cultures and
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when, where and
how this was crafted
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and share
with locals
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and respect nature
at its rawest
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yourself with
Peruvian flavors
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your challenge following
ancient Andean trails through
stunning scenery
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to the sounds and
whispers in the
Amazon rainforest
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life, creation and
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the local way
Slide 1
to appreciate the
simple beauty of life
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yourself to other
beliefs and traditions
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from your usual self;
imagine your life
as different
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Inspiring Travel Experiences in Peru

Enigma is a highly personalized, Peru-based boutique operator. We specialize in curating unique, genuine and inspirational journeys in Peru with meticulous planning, seamless operation and total commitment to service.

Our journeys are defined by experiences that provide the opportunity to discover Peru from within, celebrating its precious heritage and diverse cultural and natural traditions and riches.

Every itinerary starts with a blank canvas, so we can create a journey truly for you, inspired by your particular interests and preferences. We carefully design and operate our own experiences, with the direct involvement of our senior management and the insight of our seasoned experts and our extensive network of insiders. We continuously enrich and refresh our proposals thanks to our deep first-hand knowledge, dependable logistical resources, and our constant search for interesting locales and meaningful encounters.

Led by our very own, highly experienced team of guides, field experts, local personalities and friends, our journeys offer a sense of homecoming through immersive experiences – from art, history and gastronomy to wellness and nature, from interacting with community leaders to local families opening up their homes.

Creativity, flexibility and will to go the extra mile drive our service. We remain present and provide behind-the-scenes support 24/7 every step of the process. We take pleasure in the details. Environmental respect, social commitment and the conservation of Peru’s cultural heritage are the pillars on our path to sustainability. All with transparency and driven by trust.

Whether it’s a family vacation, an adventure with friends, a discovery trip or a spiritual solo – now more than ever, we strive to curate experiences that transform lives.

“We work with many suppliers across the world -- I regard Enigma among the very best, both in terms of the quality of the service they provide to our guests, the back-up and assistance whilst guests are travelling and the open and complete communication they have with our sales/operations teams here. They are an outstanding operation that I fully recommend. Moreover, their passion for sharing the very best of Peru, and finding new and different ways of exploring it, allow for a more innovative and differentiated service for our guests. Finally, it's clear that the level of care comes from a deep personal commitment from everyone in the business.”

Founder & Manager of Travel & Leisure Awarded Luxury International Travel Company.
PURE Life Experiences member

London / UK – Johannesburg / South Africa
“In the travel industry, it is so important to choose partners whose mission and values align with your own. In Peru, that partner is Silvia Rico and the team at Enigma. Their attention to detail, creativity, and focus on client satisfaction is displayed in each of their customized itineraries -- plus their cadre of well-connected insiders and professional guides ensures a flawless client experience on the ground. We are proud to call Enigma our preferred DMC in Peru and look forward to many years of continued collaboration.”

Owner of luxury boutique travel consulting firm, member of the Travel Advisory Board of Travel & Leisure.
PURE Life Experiences member

New York / USA
“Enigma is an exceptional DMC (Destination Management Company) with which we are proud to partner. Over the course of our collaboration, business to Peru has grown and thrived. Our clients are constantly impressed by the attentive service and unique touring as executed by the Enigma team, all of whom are dedicated to delivering only the best for our travelers. Their consistency on the ground and willingness to push boundaries in search of the “new” and the “better” has not only made it easy for us to sell the destination... it has also helped instill a sense of mutual trust, which has allowed us to focus on what’s most important: creating the perfect start-to-finish journey for each and every one of our clients.”

Sales Manager of Travel & Leisure World’s Best Awarded Luxury Travel Company.
PURE Life Experiences & Traveller Made member.

Texas / USA
“We have been working with Enigma for several years and our experience with them has been nothing short of fabulous. Silvia and her team have a palpable passion for the work that they do which is evident in the experiences which they craft. Our travelers are consistently amazed at the service they receive on the ground and at the creativity, flexibility and personalization of the itineraries. Enigma takes people deeper into the magic of Peru rather than simply skimming the surface, for which our travelers could not be more grateful.”

President & Founder of Luxury Travel Agency.
PURE Life Experiences & Traveller Made member

Toronto / Canada
“I love working with the team at Enigma. Their knowledge and enthusiasm knows no bounds. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Great for clients who want to experience something that bit ‘different’ in the wonderful country of Peru.”

Owner of Luxury Tour Operator.
PURE Life Experiences & Traveller Made member

London / UK
“We love working with Enigma Peru because we can rely on them to provide the best experiences to our guests. The hotels, communication, and guides are all top notch and consistently receive high rankings. They are a true partner to us, and we appreciate how they are always open to requests and so very easy to work with.“

Sales Manager of Luxury Travel Company including private
villa services and customized travel design

Colorado / USA
“Quick to respond with thoughtful, detailed itinerary proposals: working with Enigma makes the process of offering standout luxury trips in Peru to clients all the more seamless. The team communicate clearly and efficiently, always responding to doubts or requests for clarification in a timely fashion. Providing expert knowledge and high-level local support, our clients are able to enjoy exclusive experiences off-the-beaten track as well as in the obvious tourism centres, with the Enigma team consistently suggesting unique ways to make each trip completely bespoke.”

Owner of Luxury Tour Operator. PURE Life Experiences
Norwich / UK
“There are many reasons I like to work with Enigma. It’s a small company like us, Silvia has the passion, the taste, finds great little addresses. They are very, very fast in communication, very responsive and proactive, super helpful, precise. I find them very professional. They know how to adapt to different clients."

Managing Director of Luxury Tour Operator. PURE Life Experiences & Traveller Made member
Switzerland & Belgium
“Enigma really do make selling Peru so easy. They respond to the brief really quickly, ask all the right questions, give absolutely top advice and then deliver the best holiday. I feel 100% confident putting my clients in their capable hands.”

Owner of Luxury Tour Operator. PURE Life Experiences
London / UK
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Deeply embedded in our ethos, social, environmental and cultural sustainability is at the core of everything we believe, say and do. It has been this way since the very beginning and for us, it is more than a commitment – it is a way of life, which we share and live each day with our community and guests. Promoting conscious travel in Peru involves awareness, gratitude, respect and protection, and ultimately, care and love for the places and people of Peru.

How we minimize our negative impact, amplify our positive one, and constantly update best practices in our operations.

How we integrate ourselves into our community and share, grow and care about each other, with a special focus on children and women.

What we do to protect and promote the respect for our very rich natural environment and biodiversity.

How Enigma protects and promotes the conservation of our roots, our wisdom and our cultural diversity through the design of each of its programs and the vetting and selection of our partners.