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A luxury cultural tour of Peru

A Luxury Cultural Tour of Peru

Peru is an enchanting South American country blessed with scenic beauty while being home to ancient marvels left by its rich historical past that make it even more appealing for travelers seeking diversity through culture. 

From Machu Picchu’s stunning remains to the enigmatic Nazca Lines, Peru has much more than meets the eye—making it stand out from other popular ancient civilizations like Rome and Egypt!

The ancient Peruvian world has made big contributions to art, agriculture, and astronomy, so it’s hard not to get lost in its history when you visit. For example, Moche and Nazca, two coastal cultures, carved intricate designs into stone structures that show scenes from everyday life, like farming, or religious rituals that look like animals or plants. 

In the 15th century, the Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. It left behind impressive architectural feats that still amaze us today. 

With that being said, let us take you on a luxury cultural tour of some of Peru’s most iconic sites, providing you with exclusive insight into the fascinating world of ancient Peru.

Exploring the ancient wonders of Peru

Ancient wonders abound in Peru, a country with a rich history and cultural heritage, just waiting for curious visitors to explore them. As we embark on this fascinating journey, be prepared to immerse yourself in the stories, myths, and legends that have shaped Peru’s vibrant past. 

Traverse through the remnants of the Inca Empire, marvel at the intricate architecture, and delve into the mysteries of this enchanting country. 

As we explore Peru’s ancient wonders, grab your sense of adventure!

Discovering Machu Picchu: The lost city of the Incas

Machu Picchu is a must-see on any luxury cultural tour of Peru. The “Lost City of the Incas,” a stunning mountaintop citadel, offers a unique glimpse into Inca life. 

As you wander through the beautifully preserved stone structures, you’ll marvel at the incredible engineering feats that allowed this city to be built more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

The luxurious Hiram Bingham train is a memorable way to reach Machu Picchu. With plush interiors, gourmet food, and live entertainment, this luxurious journey evokes the golden age of train travel. 

Enjoy the stunning Andean scenery as you travel to Machu Picchu, making your arrival as memorable as the ancient city. After exploring Machu Picchu, your luxury cultural tour will allow you visit other fascinating Inca sites.

From the terraced agricultural marvel of Moray to the enigmatic fortress of Ollantaytambo, you will be able to learn more about this remarkable civilization’s culture, beliefs, and architecture.

The enigmatic Nazca Lines

The mysterious Nazca Lines in the arid coastal plains of southern Peru are an additional must-see on any luxury cultural tour.  The massive geoglyphs depicting animals, plants, and geometric shapes were made by removing the top layer of reddish-brown iron oxide-coated pebbles to expose the lighter-colored earth beneath. 

A private flight over the Nazca Lines is frequently included in luxury tours to fully appreciate their size and complexity. As you fly above the desert plains, you can marvel at the ancient Nazca people’s incredible skill and ingenuity in creating these amazing works of art without the use of modern technology.  On your flight, you’ll learn about the history and significance of the lines from a knowledgeable guide.

After your aerial adventure, your luxury cultural tour will continue to Ica to visit the fascinating Ica Regional Museum. This museum displays artifacts and mummies from the Nazca culture and provides a fascinating look into their lives.

Traversing the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is another must-see on your luxury cultural tour of Peru. This fertile valley in the Andes was the Inca Empire’s heartland and has many archaeological sites, traditional villages, and beautiful landscapes. 

Take a private helicopter tour over the Sacred Valley of the Incas for a truly luxurious experience. As you fly over ancient ruins and terraced mountain slopes, you can see amazing views of the Andes. 

During this exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you can take beautiful aerial photos and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore ancient ruins, learn about traditional Andean crafts, and enjoy the valley’s natural beauty as you travel.  The nearby Inca ruins, including a citadel, terraces, and a sun temple, demonstrate their architectural skill.

The charming village of Chinchero in the Sacred Valley has a small but authentic market, where you can learn about the culture of the area. You can also explore the stalls full of colorful textiles, traditional crafts, and fresh food to get a sense of the region’s long history of making things by hand. Chinchero’s Inca platforms, remnants of the ancient civilization’s architectural prowess, offer a fascinating glimpse into their cultural significance.

The Maras salt mines are another Sacred Valley highlight. These terraced pools, which date back to pre-Inca times, provide a unique glimpse into the ancient salt production techniques used in the region for centuries. 

As you explore the site, your guide will explain the fascinating process of extracting salt from mountain spring water, providing a fascinating insight into this age-old tradition. 

The colonial charm of Cusco

 Luxury cultural tour of Peru

Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see on any luxury cultural tour of Peru. This enchanting city is steeped in history and character. It offers an enthralling blend of Inca and Spanish colonial architecture, making it an ideal place to immerse yourself in the country’s rich history.

As you stroll through Cusco’s cobblestone streets, you will notice an impressive array of historical buildings and monuments that bear witness to the city’s illustrious past. 

There is no shortage of fascinating places to visit in Cusco. From the grand Plaza de Armas, with its imposing cathedral and beautiful churches, to the ancient Inca walls that still exist throughout the city.

The Coricancha, also known as the Temple of the Sun, is one of Cusco’s most popular tourist attractions. This remarkable complex, originally the Inca Empire’s most significant holy site, provides a unique view into their beliefs and ceremonies. You’ll learn more about Inca culture as your guide explains the temples and shrines.

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Luxury accommodations and experiences in Peru

 Luxury cultural tour of Peru

A luxury cultural tour of Peru offers opulent accommodations and unique cultural experiences. From private cooking sessions with famous chefs to traditional weaving workshops with local craftsmen, you’ll learn more about this intriguing country’s culture.

A visit to a local community is one of the most memorable experiences on a luxury cultural tour of Peru. These tours offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Peruvians and learn about their culture.

Another highlight of a luxury cultural tour is the opportunity to visit archaeological sites and museums with exclusive access.  This allows you to explore these incredible sites in a more intimate and personal setting, away from the crowds and noise that can often detract from the experience. 

Furthermore, your expert guide will be able to provide detailed insight into the history and significance of each site, allowing you to gain a deeper appreciation for ancient Peru’s wonders.

Cultural immersion through local cuisine and traditions

 Luxury cultural tour of Peru

Peruvian cuisine is famous for combining indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques with Spanish, African, and Asian influences. A luxury cultural tour of Peru lets you sample and learn about the country’s distinct gastronomic flavors and traditions.

A visit to a local market is one of the most important culinary experiences on a luxury cultural tour.  These vibrant and bustling markets provide an intriguing glimpse into the ingredients and flavors that comprise Peruvian cuisine.  Your guide will introduce you to local vendors, who will explain the fruits, vegetables, and spices used in traditional cuisines. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste some of these delicious delights.

Besides market visits, a luxury cultural tour may include private cooking classes with famous chefs. These classes offer a hands-on learning experience, where you can learn about traditional techniques and ingredients. You might get to make ceviche, the country’s signature dish, or learn how to make an Andean stew.

A luxury cultural tour of Peru combines gastronomic and cultural activities. Attend a traditional ritual or dance, learn about local crafts and weaving, or visit an artisan village. Peruvian culture and history are illuminated by these experiences.

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Planning your luxury cultural tour of Peru

 Luxury cultural tour of Peru

It is critical to work with a reputable and experienced tour operator when planning your luxury cultural tour of Peru.  Look for a company that specializes in cultural travel and has a thorough knowledge of Peruvian history, culture, and customs. Be sure your tour operator can accommodate your desired degree of luxury and exclusivity.

When planning your itinerary, make sure to include the key sites and experiences that are most important to you. Choose if you want an energetic or leisurely trip and whether you want to focus on cultural or historical topics. Consider the time of year you want to travel, as weather conditions can vary greatly across the country. 

Finally, plan ahead of time for your luxury cultural tour of Peru. This will allow you to fully appreciate the sights, experiences, and culture of this remarkable country without feeling overwhelmed.

Ready to start planning your custom journey to Peru? Contact us at journeys@enigmaperu.com and let’s make it happen!






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