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The Best Ice Cream Places in Lima

Ice cream is a delicious treat for everyone. It’s cold and sweet, and it comes in a variety of flavors to suit almost any taste. Even if it’s summer or winter, a scoop of smooth and tasty ice cream with the right toppings and flavors will always be awesome. Lima features a wide array of ice cream places where you won’t be able to say no to frosty desserts.

At Enigma, we love ice cream, and we never get tired of the classic flavors and the beautiful creations featuring savory ingredients to give a full, tasty, and creamy mouthfeel. Thus, we bring you the best ice cream places in Lima for delicious gelato. Grab your friends and go enjoy some melting moments together.

Blu Gelateria

Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Credit: Gelato del barrio

Most notably known for the delicious gelatos, Blu Galateria is one of the best ice cream places in Lima. With a range of flavors extending beyond the typical vanilla and chocolate, you will not be short of choice, from passion fruit, granadilla, cocoa nibs, Brazil nut; there is something unique for everyone. We love the Blu Gelateria!

Address: Jiron 28 de julio 202, Lima 04, Peru

Crem dela Crem

Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Source: @enjoy_eat_lima via IG

One of Lima’s best kept secrets! With ice cream so delicious, you can’t simply resist. Situated just next to the old library in Barranco district’s Plaza de Armas, the gelateria offers different flavors, from their traditional ones to new inventions every month. Don’t forget to try the “torta de chocolate” – it is absolutely delicious!

Address: LIMA, Parque Municipal 109, Barranco 4, Peru

Bosco Magico

Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Source: @justmeetsworld

The ice cream is so smooth and delicious. If you’ve never tried a ginger flavored ice-cream, this is your go-to! Or you could opt for the delicious salted caramel ice cream and chocolate gelato… it’s simply divine!

Address: San Martín Prolongacion 131, Barranco 15063, Peru

Gelarti Helado Gourmet

Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Source: Plazanorte.pe

Gelarti Helado Gourmet is a great place to go for a sweet and refreshing treat in Larcomar. With a variety of flavors, it’s hard to choose! However, you can mix and match different flavors and have them topped with a variety of ingredients. Try the cherry mania, banana crunch, and the Belgian chocolate, with some crushed nuts and wafer cookies. Yum!

Address: Plaza Vea, Garcilaso de la Vega 1337, Lima, Peru

Napoli Artisan Gelato

Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Source: @napoliartisangelato via FB

Looking for amazing gelato and sorbet pops? You’ve come to the right place! This hidden gem serves a whole lot of ice cream with delicious flavors. If you’re after something simpler, you can’t go wrong with a large dollop of pistachio and a generous scoop of salted caramel.

Address: Avenida Villaran 875 Surquillo, Lima, Peru


Like something from Mexico, Zacateca a truly Mexican paletas parlor, with rich flavors of chocolate, lemon pie, apple pie, Oreo cookies, Greek yogurt with honey and strawberries. With the temperature rising to tropical levels, head over to Zacateca, order one of the delicious Mexican popsicles and imagine you are walking through the streets of Cancun. Enjoy!

Address: Av. Villaran 967, Surquillo, Lima, Peru

Heladeria Palermo

Heladeria Palermo Lima
Source: @natalialoozhou via IG

Heladeria Palermo is a general favorite! If you haven’t tried their gelato, you’re missing out. Their delicious creations feature a variety of flavors – milk or sherbet, and it delights from the first bite. Head straight for the local flavors such as lucuma, natilla, guanabana and algarrobina. You’ll love them!

Address: Jiron Huiracocha 1237 – 1239 | Jesus Maria, Lima 15072, Peru

Gelateria Laritza D

Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Source: @HeladeriaLaritzaD on FB

Everyone knows Gelateria Laritza D for their creatively flavored popsicles but don’t skip their delicious and rich ice cream either. Fix your ice cream craving with the classic flavors such as cherry banana, passion fruit gelato and much more. Grab a free newspaper to read while giving yourself a delicious treat.

Address: Av. Comandante Espinar 800, Miraflores, Lima, Peru


Best Ice Cream Places in Lima
Source: @amorelado via FB

Whipped and light as a feather, the Amorelado ice cream with varieties of flavors – strawberries, passion fruit, vanilla ice cream and crunchy meringue – is a dainty affair that will leave you asking for more.

Address: Calle Ignacio Merino 525 | Esquina Con la Mar, Lima 15023, Peru

Heladería Speciale

Heladería Speciale
Source: Speciale.Heladeria via FB

Fruit-lovers will find sanctuary in the creamy embrace of Heladería Speciale – it makes some of the best delicious fresh fruit ice cream in Lima. You certainly would love to try it out.

Address: Libertad 1231, Magdalena del Mar 15086, Lima, Peru

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