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The Perks of an Amazon River Cruise

If you enjoy off the beaten path experiences, a river cruise through the Peruvian Amazon will be a unique adventure that you won’t want to miss!

When you think about exploring the Amazon, we wonder if you’ve ever considered booking a river cruise. We know the best cruise lines in Peru, but first we’d like to share with you a few reasons why you should consider an Amazon cruise for your next vacation.

1. You’ll have an intimate luxury experience

One of the great benefits of taking a river cruise rather than an ocean cruise is the smaller ship. In order to navigate the narrow waterways of the Amazon River, the cruise ship must be built to a smaller scale than your typical cruise liners. For that reason, the number of passengers is limited, giving you more intimate, personalize service throughout your entire journey. While the ship is smaller, you won’t miss out on the other entertainment benefits of a cruise, like the relaxing sundeck and swimming pool.

The Perks of an Amazon River Cruise

2. You’ll see some of the most remote places and incredible wildlife

Because an Amazon River cruise travels deep in the jungle rather than bouncing from one hot destination to the next, you’ll be able to experience some of the most remote places on the planet. Although, how much or what you’ll have the privilege of seeing will depend on the season in which you travel. During the “dry season” (May to November), there will be less rain, meaning that the jungle paths will be more accessible, allowing you to get up-close and on the ground with sloths, monkeys and other jungle inhabitants. During the “rainy season” (December to April), the water levels will be, on average, 21-23 feet (6.4-7 meters) higher, making it easier to sail off-the-beaten-track down some of the Amazon’s smaller tributaries where you’ll see a richer variety of wildlife

3. The food is amazing

The Perks of an Amazon River Cruise

One of the reasons people love going on cruises is because of the easy access to delicious, expertly-prepared foods and the ability to use their vacation as an excuse to eat as much as they like. We probably don’t need to remind you that Peru is known for having the best gastronomy in South America, but it is worth mentioning that the jungle regions serve up their own uniquely-delicious cuisine! One surprisingly delightful dish is called juane.Juane is a dish consisting of chicken and rice that is prepared with local spices and cooked in bijao leaves. It is usually served with fried plantains, cassava root and ajípeppers. The jungle is also teeming with incredible tropical fruits, such as coconacamu camu and aguajina. Taking an Amazon river cruise means that you’ll be able to indulge in expertly-prepared exotic cuisine that you can’t find in other parts of the world.

At Enigma, we enjoy an adventurous cruise very much. But as experts in luxury travel, we have some favorite Amazon River cruise lines that we will always recommend to our clients. The Aria Amazon from Aqua Expeditions and the three incredible luxury ships from Delfin Amazon Cruises are always our top picks for exploring the Amazon from Iquitos.

We love the Amazon and the diverse wildlife and cultures that call the jungle home, so the most that we ask when you are considering a trip to the most biodiverse area on the planet is that you prepare yourself and always travel responsibly. The Amazon is something that needs to be celebrated, cherished and protected. If you have any questions about traveling to the Amazon or booking a river cruise in Peru, please don’t hesitate to ask – it’s our pleasure to help!






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