Conservation of

Cultural Heritage

Protecting our Ancient Wisdom

We love culture and understand it as a key part of the essence of a place and its people.
Peru is fascinatingly rich and varied in all things cultural: from ancient civilizations and its remains, to food and pisco; from living traditions and beliefs to art in literally all its forms; from ethnic-based wisdom transmitted generation to generation, to stunning modern architecture, fashion designers and photography; from rich and mega diverse folklore to state-of-the-art museums and a history in a never-ending discovery process.
Protecting our cultural heritage has become a key premise in all of ENIGMA’s program designs and operations.

“By protecting our cultural heritage, we protect our origin and our wisdom, for future generations to value and understand where we come from.”

Silvia Rico
ENIGMA Founder and CEO


  • We appreciate and promote diversity, respecting different traditions, beliefs and practices.
  • We explore and look for GENUINE expressions of culture, only sharing these, and not reproducing or faking similar experiences for travelers.
  • We encourage interactions with ethnic groups, communities, personalities, interesting people and others who are true expressions of the country’s culture and who act in a responsible and respectful way.
  • We support local wisdom and practices by purchasing and partnering with locals who are authentic even if more expensive. We expect our discerning travelers to support these communities vs. cheaper “made in China” alternatives that kill local initiatives and small businesses.
  • We promote supporting communities in their endeavors and helping them thrive until they can compete in a more aggressive market. Communication of the background and value of their work and wisdom is key to transmit to discerning travelers.

Cultural Conservation

heritage presence


Percentage of journeys designed by Enigma in which some form of genuine cultural expressions and/or interactions are included.



Number of initiatives actively protecting Peru’s cultural heritage supported by Enigma’s current activity

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting any specific cultural aspect, community or expression from Peru. We will be delighted to assist.