Cusco, the Sacred Valley & Machupicchu

Something calls you, pulls you even, to visit the mysterious Land of the Incas. The curiosity of your mind? A sense of adventure? A longing in your spirit? Local wisdom keepers believe that no one comes to Cusco just by chance…

Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas is indeed this sort of a magical place, a place that deeply calls and moves people of all walks of life, from all nations. It is at once a leap into an enchanted realm and an inspiring playground for the modern traveller. Considered by indigenous populations and new age thinkers alike as one of the most powerful energetic locations on the planet, it’s an incredible place to connect with Andean Tradition and also a unique setting for your pick of gourmet restaurants, outdoor thrills, and exceptional exchanges with real local people.

The Cusco region is rightfully one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with endless nooks and crannies to be explored. In fact, most visitors are surprised at the number of “off the beaten track” excursions in such a relatively close area, with a remarkable abundance of sacred sites and impressive treks and adventures.

With its heritage alive and well, the local culture is approachable and vibrant. From dining with the locals at a market stall, to joining a traditional celebration, to taking an excursion to a rural community, the Andean way is one of open arms, welcoming visitors to share in its tradition and festivities.

The city of Cusco, one-time capital of the immense Inca Empire, is a dynamic experience of living history and culture. The setting is a fascinating fusion of Incan and pre-Incan stonework with colonial architecture; cobblestone streets lead past ornate wooden balconies and picturesque doorways, behind which hide impressive patios, secret gardens and novel-worthy stories.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a trip back in time. Breathtaking wide-open spaces with mountain lakes, glaciers, and patchwork fields—many of which are still worked with bull and plow—bring both relief and awe. There are endless routes for hiking and exploring through the incredible scenery of this famous Valley. And moreover, the entire Valley is dotted with ancient ruins and sacred sites, many of them rarely visited.

And of course, there’s the nation’s most beloved cultural heritage: Machupicchu. No amount of preparing can diminish the awe struck as one looks down over Machupicchu from the famous viewpoint captured in millions of photos. Even as the country’s most popular attraction, it remains breathtaking and mindboggling. There is a feeling at Machupicchu that no documentary or travel article can capture. Sacred citadel of the Incas, destination of adventure travellers and mystic seekers from around the globe, and conundrum to all, Machupicchu is profoundly worth the visit. Leave yourself time to explore and connect with this very unique place, embraced by the surrounding nature, which you can feel in any given moment creeping in on the very trace of civilization.

Cusco, the Sacred Valley
and Machupicchu

  • All the musts in Peru that are not to be missed
  • Communities, living cultures and traditions
  • Peru’s outdoor haven: adventure and adrenaline amidst mind-blowing scenery
  • Cusco city, former capital of the Inca Empire and one of Peru and the world’s icons of Inca and colonial heritage
  • The Sacred Valley: spectacular scenery, ancient ruins and communities with age-old production of potatoes, Andean grains and the unique giant white corn
  • History and remarkable archaeological sites everywhere
  • Phenomenal textile tradition and wealth
  • Birdwatching
  • Exquisite properties and spas


A must visit to feel and connect with Peru’s essence. Allow yourself the time to slow down, explore and become fascinated by these places. Honestly, do not pay attention to those who say it is too mainstream: a place is only as mainstream as one wishes to see it…that is maybe because they did not visit in the hands of the right people or because they did not devote themselves proactively enough to discover beyond. Outdoor and active experiences are also a must!

Enigma’s Top Signature Experiences:
Active & outdoors, community life, textiles, agriculture, gastronomy, pisco, art, history & archaeology, photography, train journeys, helicopter flights and more.

Recommended for:
All – most of Peru’s iconic views in one place.

Fabulous, from boutique hotels to 5* luxury properties and private residences.

3,400 masl (Cusco), 2,850 masl (Sacred Valley), 2,450 masl (Machupicchu citadel)

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