A Personal Note from the Founder

“I am half Spanish and half Bolivian, and I have been fascinated by travel since I was a child. I remember having a book on South America on a shelf above my bed in Barcelona that I read often before going to sleep, dreaming about one day seeing those amazing animals, roaming around the impressive ruins and hearing the jungle sounds for myself.

After having had the chance to visit dozens of countries, I arrived in Peru in 2001, on a four-month trip around South America that was supposed to start in Quito, reach Ushuaia and end in Caracas. But it was in Cusco where I changed the course both of my journey and my life. I stayed more than two months, captivated by Peru’s natural wonders, its dramatic soaring mountains, ruins that reminded me of those childhood bedtime stories and people who made me feel welcome in ways it is difficult for me to express in words.

So seven months after returning home to Barcelona and my job as Marketing Director for the Biscuit Division of Danone, a French multinational, Peru motivated me to make some radical changes and pursue my own love of travel. I traveled back to establish myself in Cusco, and ENIGMA was born as an adventure travel specialist and trekking tour operator based in Cusco.

Pleased with our trekking expertise and personalized service, satisfied clients asked us to develop custom trips around Peru with the same care and attention to detail that characterized our adventure trips.

This is how ENIGMA TRAVEL COLLECTION came to life, following extensive research and a careful selection of itineraries within Peru, each one thought out with our passion for this country and its diversity. Guests can rely on our absolute knowledge of Peru’s destinations, heritage sites, museums, accommodations, restaurants and boutiques, as well as trust that our guides are rigorously educated on Peru’s history, culture and current events.

Just as important, we take the time to understand your expectations and desires. ENIGMA TRAVEL COLLECTION is about listening to your vision, then booking your stay in the best room in your preferred hotel among our carefully inspected selection, leading you to the shop that will soon become your favorite, checking and rechecking that the chef adapts the local cuisine to your taste, and then assuring that when you turn in after a memorable day, you’ll find the highest levels of comfort.

The thought, care and time we invest in making these meticulous arrangements and seamless logistics that optimize the pacing and design of your days — This is what sets ENIGMA apart.

Each person at ENIGMA shares this commitment to our guests. I believe we have Peru’s most dedicated and passionate team, from the office staff, to the carefully selected crew of guides, the talented chefs and the friendly, hard working and amazing team of porters, among others in the ENIGMA family.

Like you, I have been a backpacker, a trekker, an adventurer as well as an executive business traveler and a spa-seeking sybarite. Who I am today is the result of trips and expeditions I have taken around Peru and beyond.

We wish to make your visit to Peru unforgettable and for you to learn things that will contribute to changing a little bit of yourself, just as Peru and travel has done for me. Sharing this sense of transformation with each ENIGMA guest coming to Peru in whatever way is meaningful to you is my greatest reward.

Silvia Rico