Website & Photo Credits

The design, content and photographs of this website are 100% original and have been exclusively developed by or for ENIGMA. No design, program itinerary, description or photograph has been copied from any other website, book or other resource.

However, we have identified a number of Cusco-based businesses that have partially or totally copied the content of our programs and promoted them as their own. Please note that any other agencies promoting our exact same program description have done it without our permission and will probably not offer the same quality of service.

Photos in this website are from the following photographers:

  • Musuk Nolte
  • Jorge Esquiroz
  • Walter Wust
  • Silvia Rico
  • PROMPERU - Javier Ferrand, Mylene D’Auriol, Wilfredo Loayza, Heinz Plenge, Magalí del Solar, Domingo Giribaldi

You may click on any of the photos in this site to see full-size images.

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