From Sustainable to Regenerative

We are aware that all human activity creates impact, to a greater or lesser extent,
“…If sustainable tourism, which aims to counterbalance the social and environmental impacts associated with travel, was the aspirational outer limit of ecotourism before the pandemic, the new frontier is “regenerative travel,” or leaving a place better than you found it.”
The New York Times
Since its inception, ENIGMA has held paramount the need to respect and take care of the environment.

“We have been operating treks in Natural Protected Areas since the beginning, and this has given us an invaluable first-hand perspective on the need to respect, care and protect them. Other companies subcontracting to third parties or only operating in cities may not have this same intimate level of experience.”

Silvia Rico
ENIGMA Founder and CEO

Conscious of this reality, ENIGMA holds a series of “green” actions as mandatory premises in all of its operations:

Green Office

A green office focused on environmental sustainability with daily practices that allow us to reduce the use of supplies and energy, reuse as much as possible, and recycle generated waste in the most efficient way possible.


The use of biodegradable products both in the office and in our operations is extended and promoted as much as possible in order to minimize our impact.

Less Plastic

Minimizing the use of plastic overall, or almost eliminating the use of single-use plastics, whenever possible, which we have substituted with textiles, straw, cane, sustainable wood or aluminum. We are always in the lookout for efficient alternative options.

Clean-up Campaigns

ENIGMA regularly leads and/or supports clean-up campaigns, the most notable of which is on the Inca Trail, where we have removed approximately 700kg of inorganic waste in three working days by our team of 30 volunteers. Inca Trail clean-ups were pioneered by Enigma back in 2006 and are now an initiative implemented by the government inviting operators to participate.

Reducing Carbon Emissions, Measuring Carbon Footprint and Reforestation

Our first aim is to have the minimum negative impact possible through our constantly improved operations and the projects we are working on to keep on improving day by day.

One of the variables that recently has become a KPI is the renowned carbon footprint. Enigma measures its carbon footprint in the will to REDUCE it. We do so at office level, but we are still in search of institutions that offer or teach how to measure our field operations’ carbon footprint. Additionally, we believe that our carbon footprint is only one of many indicators to be measured when assessing our environmental care and respect.

Our second aim is, for the negative impact generated, to make sure the off-setting of the emissions is compensated for in the area of impact, and for this, we are working on the development of projects with local authorities. That is, if we impact in Peru, we wish to compensate in Peru – and if we impact in the Sacred Valley, we ideally want to compensate in the Sacred Valley.

Please visit our Environmental Projects section to learn more about our initiatives, including Reforestation.

Supporting local relevant causes and NGOs

As with our Social Commitment strategy and pledge, ENIGMA focuses on select causes, and we make sure they are managed in an ethical way and directly monitor the allocation of donations and funds.

Please visit our Environmental Projects section to learn more.


ENIGMA has taken various actions and measures to assist our office and our employees, through workshops and the creation of codes of conduct, to bring awareness of environmental respect and protection in everything we do, both at work and at home.

Code of Social and Environmental Conduct

We invite all our guests to follow our code of conduct:

  • Selective disposal of garbage (organic & inorganic).
  • Garbage removal from Natural Protected Areas.
  • Use of flush toilets built along the Inca Trail or in different communities and villages. Otherwise, we provide toilet tents with biodegradable toilet facilities. All garbage is disposed of outside the Natural Protected Areas.
  • Avoid fires – no smoking allowed inside tents.
  • Avoid disturbing animals – no animal hunting allowed.
  • Preservation of flora – no picking of orchids or other plants allowed.
  • Walking over ruins, walls or archaeological structures is absolutely forbidden.
  • Avoid tipping or giving candies or other items to local community children or adults in order not to impact their lifestyle and health.
  • Protect local water systems through the use of only biodegradable soaps and shampoos while camping. Avoid throwing waste in water sources.
  • Respect cultural differences.
  • Take photos mindfully.

Environmental Respect

Land supported

2,839,446 Ha

2,839,446 Ha

Hectares covered and or protected by projects supported by Enigma’s activity

If you know of or have experienced any initiative, idea, innovation, or way of doing things that you think would be useful for us to know, please contact us and share it with us – we would be extremely grateful.