“I am half Spanish and half Bolivian/Peruvian, and I have been fascinated by travel since I was a child. I remember having a book on South America on a shelf above my bed that I read regulary before going to sleep , draming about one day seeing those amazing animals, roaming around the impressive ruins and hearing the jungle sounds for myself.

After having had the chance to visit dozens of countries, it was in Cusco where I changed the course of both my journey and my life. I stayed more than two months, captivated by Peru’s natural wonders, its dramatic soaring mountains, ruins that reminded me of those childhood bedtime stories, and people who made me feel welcome in ways difficult to express in words.

Peru motivated me to make some radical changes, pursue my own love of travel, establish my new life in Cusco, and then ENIGMA was born. My love and passion for this amazing place is best proven by my choice in life. My home, my job, my everyday life is linked to Peru; my children are Peruvian too, as is half of my soul.

I love remote, pristine places, nature and outdoors, meeting real people and learning about their lives, culturally rich journeys that allow us to connect with the essence of each place.

Travelling allows me, among many other things, to truly appreciate what it is that makes Peru unique. It also inspires us at Enigma to continuously enrich our Peru journeys with approaches, ideas, initiatives and interactions that evolve over time and that are fascinating to share.

Preparing a trip is a hardship if one does not know the right people. Although many companies claim so, I personally feel that only a few really devote the time to truly stop and think of you, your needs, and what would make your trip exceptional. All too often, that intimacy and enthusiasm is snuffed out by profitability/productivity (cookie-cutter proposals sent within the hour), lack of knowledge of the destination (seen through inadequate program/experience designing), and lack of interest and passion when discussing options with you. Yet to you, this is the trip of a lifetime, the dream come true, your honeymoon, your long-awaited journey with your children, a homage to your mom…and you expect your travel designer to listen, care and take the extra step in realizing your vision.

At ENIGMA, we truly do care. I strive to provide that which I wish for in my own trips, often frustrated that it is so hard to find. And for anybody calling us to prepare their journey to Peru, I personally make sure we do our part to realize their vision. We are happy to get on the phone with you or your clients. We listen, and we make a real effort to understand, research, craft and deliver.

Each person at ENIGMA shares this commitment to our guests. I believe we have Peru’s most dedicated and passionate team, from the office staff to the carefully selected crew of guides and experts, to the talented chefs and the friendly, hard-working and amazing team of porters, among others in the ENIGMA family. It is the excellence and professionalism of our team that makes our Peru journeys such unique and life-enriching experiences for our guests.

We wish to make your visit to Peru unforgettable and for you to learn things that will contribute to changing a little bit of yourself, just as Peru and travel has done for me. Sharing this sense of transformation with each ENIGMA guest coming to Peru, in whatever way is meaningful to each of them, is my greatest reward.”

Silvia Rico

CEO & Founder – Enigma