How We Work

We’ve made it our mission to assist you with utmost efficiency, flexibility, personalization and trustworthy, updated information.

The following is a guideline, in a nutshell, on how we usually work:


Your Assigned Travel Designer

When working with Enigma, you’re assigned a Travel Designer who will always be collaborating with you for any of your inquiries. Your Travel Designer will be your main contact for everything and anything you may need, before, during and after any journey to Peru.


A Call Saves Days of Emails

We are fans of personal contact to avoid long back and forth emails, which may sometimes take hours and even days if in distant time zones. Therefore, if possible, we always prefer to jump on a call or video conference and clarify questions, suggest ideas, get fast feedback and better understand your needs and client profile for our proposal to be just right.


Our Journey Proposals

Usually, we will acknowledge your inquiry immediately upon receipt and send you the first outline within 24 hours. Once we get your feedback and this initial outline is approved, we proceed by sending you a full itinerary description. You may choose a Word version or our fabulous virtual itineraries, which can be accessed online by your guests when travelling as well, and may even include your logo if requested. We aim to send this itinerary within the 24-48 hours following you approving your outline.


Pricing & Payment

We prefer to work with net prices but are open to commission-based sales if needed. Our terms & conditions require an initial down payment to secure urgent bookings and a second and final payment 30 days prior to the starting date of services. Enigma does not work with credit and equally, we do not ask for credit from our suppliers.


Final Itineraries

Final, complete itineraries are sent 30 days prior to arrival.


Concierge, Emergency Contact Numbers and Continuous Reporting

When guests arrive in Peru, in addition to meeting their guides, they will be contacted by an assigned personal concierge who is the key operations person monitoring their file behind the scenes. Concierges are available 24/7.

For emergency cases that need immediate attention, Enigma provides 24-hour emergency contact numbers.

Finally, we report as frequently as you request or when relevant – both to let you know when all goes well and what guests are enjoying as well as to inform you of any modifications to the program or unforeseen events that may have occurred. Once guests leave the country, we send you a final report on the overall impression of the trip, which gathers the feedback from our guides, concierge, drivers and Operations Manager.