As the nation’s capital city, Lima offers a fusion of Peruvian cultures from coast, mountains and jungle, in everything from art to cuisine, to give it a unique character of its very own.

The “City of the Kings” reveals much of its fascinating history through its architecture, from ancient “huacas” (temples) to luxurious colonial mansions. In the historical center, you’ll find a concentration of character-filled architecture, with the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and the not-to-be-missed San Francisco Monastery with its intriguing catacombs.

Lima is one of the world’s hottest destinations for culinary experiences. From traditional “picanterías” and street carts, where you can eat as locals have been for generations, to world-ranked gourmet restaurants, Lima is a total delight for foodies. Get introduced to a local’s favorite stalls at the otherwise overwhelming fresh food markets, where you can try exotic fruits from all over the country and, with fishing as one of this coastal city’s main industries, make sure to not miss out on the best ceviche in the world!

Lima also exudes art in all its forms. It has state-of-the-art museums like the Larco Herrera, hosting phenomenal pottery of ancient Peruvian civilizations, the Amano, home to some of the most extraordinary textile pieces in the world, the MALI – the Lima Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, just to name a few. And beyond the walls of the museums, find art alive and thriving in bohemian neighborhoods like Barranco–filled with hidden artists’ workshops, exhibitions of cutting-edge fashion designers, art galleries, and charming and quirky concept stores–and Callao with its edgy and transgressive personality and community rebirth through art. There’s no shortage of artistic tradition and inspiration in this dynamic city.

Organic, sustainable, conservation, wellness, yoga, mindfulness and flowing with life inspire new lifestyle initiatives led by different generations, coming together to do good in a holistic way – a new consciousness is present in Peru, and Lima is at the core of this movement.

The city and its surroundings are also host to religious expressions of different sorts, from the ancient oracle in Pachacamac, to colonial churches in rich different architectural styles, diverse festivities and celebrations, and synagogues too, with Peru having an important Jewish community.

We love Lima – and we know that to truly enjoy this vast city, you need an insider to show you beyond the main attractions.. Experience Lima with us as you would with an old friend, and let us introduce you to the people and their unique offerings that make Lima well worth a visit.


  • Historical and colonial legacy
  • Most impressive colonial “Casonas”
  • World-class gastronomy — from top restaurants and chefs to markets, orchards, cooking classes, street food and much more
  • Excellent and diverse accommodation and service
  • Top pisco connoisseurs & experiences
  • Contemporary art, phenomenal museums, fashion, galleries, shopping and cutting-edge trends!


Lima continues to be understated and is ever-changing. A great Lima discovery can only be done in the hands of knowledgeable locals – the most amazing experiences will be hard or impossible to find on Google.

Enigma’s Top Signature Experiences:
Gastronomy, pisco, art, history & archaeology.

Recommended for:
All – Especially great for culinary sybarites, art seekers & city lovers.

Fabulous, from boutique hotels to 5* luxury properties.

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