Responsibility starts at home

“ENIGMA defines its operation as one responsible for and respectful of the country and place in which we operate; our staff, individuals and third parties involved; the law and ethical standards; and our philosophy and ourselves.
We have developed an extensive Impact Model including detailed Operational Guidelines covering best labor practices, generation of local employment, gender equality, quality policy, risks & safety and zero-tolerance against gender violence, among others.”
Silvia Rico
ENIGMA Founder and CEO

An example of some of our key responsible operation practices are listed below:

The Company

  • ENIGMA is a Peruvian company, legally authorized by the Peruvian Ministry of Industry and Tourism, and also an Officially Licensed Inca Trail Operator. ENIGMA regularly pays taxes to the Peruvian government.


  • ENIGMA employs Peruvian people. All ENIGMA employees are regularly paid above-average salaries and all hold officially registered contracts in the Ministry of Labour. ENIGMA also provides legal medical and life insurances.
  • ENIGMA offers one of the best-recognized treatments to its team of porters: the wages we pay to our porters surpass those established by the Porter Law (#27607) and its Regulation (D.S. 011-2005-TR). Our porters are paid in time, contributing to a higher stability of their usually fragile domestic economy. They are provided waterproof tents for their accommodation during their field work, along with adequate clothing and support, including thermal fleece jackets, waterproof ponchos, shoes, back and hip protection to carry loads, special orthopedic backpacks, as well as sleeping bags and pads. All ENIGMA porters have been carefully selected by our personnel and have undergone training courses in each of their fields to ensure a higher quality service as well as a constant improvement and motivation for our team. Our porters have a formal work contract with ENIGMA, which guarantees both their job and their income, and they are protected by a life and accident insurance paid for by ENIGMA. Our excellent porter treatment has been widely recognized by the porter community itself and by our clients, and has become one of the main reasons why socially conscious Inca Trail visitors wish to travel with us. The same treatment applies to our horsemen in all treks operated with pack animals.
  • Training: our guide teams have been trained in first aid and rescue and are regularly updated through seminars and courses in their respective fields. Our training also extends to our chefs, porters and wranglers. Our chefs and assistant chefs follow specific tailor-made courses every year to ensure we maintain our superior-quality menu. As per our porters and wranglers, trainings are undertaken every year as well, with a focus on each person’s specialized role: tent setting, vaiselle cleaning and hygiene, waiter service, environmental responsibility/waste management, among other roles.

Partners & Suppliers

  • ENIGMA prioritizes partnering with local suppliers who share our R&S philosophy. These are identified through supplier surveys periodically run by us or our consulting partners.
  • We prioritize the use of local ingredients, purchased from local known suppliers in all our services.
  • ENIGMA promotes experiences and initiatives that support the local culture and heritage in a genuine way.
  • Our guides are local experts in flora, fauna, history, archeology and culture, familiar with our ancestral customs and traditions. A majority of our field staff are also native Quechua speakers.
  • Our representatives and guides are well informed and updated on recommendations for dining, shopping and other city services, helping our customers in choosing locally owned, reliable and professional businesses, and thus further contributing to the local economy.


  • ENIGMA holds the B-corporation certification since 2022, which is an internationally recognized testimony to its sustainable approach and practices throughout its management and operations

Profits invested in Peru



Enigma focuses its efforts in Peru, with all profits and support being invested solely in Peru.

Locally Employed Staff



All of Enigma’s office and field staff employed are Peruvian, born in or permanently living in the town or region in which they work. This way, we promote local employment, integrating local professionals in our industry and company growth.

Families Supported



Number of families directly receiving income from Enigma’s activity in Peru.

Local Supplier Ratio



Ratio of locally sourced suppliers over Enigma’s total number of suppliers, excluding hotels, restaurants, trains and cruises.

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