From yoga and spirituality to gastronomy or natural history, each feature trek is individually designed to incorporate one (or more) of your special interests. Tell us where your curiosity lies, and ENIGMA will weave together a magical, one-of-a-kind experience where you can blend adventure with your personal passion.

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yoga treks

Connect with your own essence through yoga and enliven your experience of Peru’s sacred and awe-inspiring sites and trails. On our yoga treks, let yoga and meditation set the tone for your adventure along some of the most famous paths in South America and the world, such as the Inca Trail to Machupicchu.

By practicing yoga in nature along your journey, you enhance your connection with the sacred land of the Andes and heighten your ability to tune in to the living energy of the ruins and temples. Guided by our highly seasoned teachers who customize a practice specifically for you and your group, enjoy some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and energetic sites with more presence and intention.

spiritual treks

Cusco is known to be one of the most powerful energy centers on earth. Spiritual masters and pilgrims gather year-round in this city to connect to the sacred spirits and energy of the Andes, and raise their consciousness through offerings, ceremonies and retreats.

The Q’ero, indigenous people who have been largely hidden and isolated for the past 500 years, possess an ancient spiritual knowledge. They still communicate in their ancestral language of Quechua, carefully maintain the habits, beliefs and practices that originated with the Incas, and continue to conduct very old spiritual and healing ceremonies. These are performed by shamans called “p’aqo’s.”

Our spiritual treks have been designed for people wishing to experience our fabulous trekking routes in a very different and transformative way, getting in touch with and participating in daily traditional Andean ceremonies. These ceremonies, which may be adapted to each person’s needs, are all led by an original and reputable “p’aqo,” and take place in specially chosen locations along the route. The daily ceremonies may be combined with special complementary sessions to enhance the experience.

By creating a sacred context for your journey, you nurture your soul, body and spirit, making the experience a unique and personal pilgrimage.

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