We value the singularity, personal interests, intention, passion and unique approach to travel of each of our guests. That is why we believe in tailored journeys as the only real way to make the most out of travel experiences.

You might seek birds or ruins, contemporary culture or ancient history. You may be an adventurous spirit who wants to veer off the beaten path or a comfort-seeking soul with an eye for luxury; a family of several generations travelling together, a group of friends on an active trip, a gourmet sybarite on a weekend getaway or a solo traveller on a journey of inner discovery. You may be a fan of barefoot luxury or urban boutique hotels, eco retreats or private residences.

Your journey to Peru can be visioned and curated just for you: considering your interests, your time, your budget, your pace and much more. No matter the number of details and requests you may have, we are here to listen, share ideas and options, and make it happen.

All ENIGMA journeys are executed in private, tailored around the interests and preferences of our clients, and curated with the direct involvement of our senior management and travel experts, who bring together their knowledge and contacts to make the most out of each hand-crafted itinerary. They start as a blank canvas and are developed as unique projects for our clients, with no copy-pasting. Additionally, most of our experiences are designed by us for our clients only, operated by our very own team of experts, guides and friends, making them unique and “un-googleable.”

Peru is still considered as a major bucket-list destination. A vast majority of our clients are first-time leisure visitors or eventually second-timers bringing their families on a very special occasion. As your partner and local operator in Peru, we not only live up to our clients’ expectations, we go far beyond, making their journey to Peru an unforgettable one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Whether you have a vision or are looking to be inspired anew, get in touch and see what we can do for you. Let us know your wishes, insights, interests, pace, budget, musts and must-nots, for us to curate your very own journey to Peru.

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Any specific theme or destination not mentioned above? Please contact us. We design and operate special-interest journeys to Peru for individuals and special groups by request.