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Enigma started off as a trekking specialist in and around the Cusco Region, which is incredibly rich in spectacular scenery, community life, history and archaeology. We consider this area our home, and we have explored almost every inch of it.

Pristine turquoise lagoons, small villages of local Quechua-speaking families with kids dressed in colorful textiles , llamas and alpacas and cattle grazing on “ichu”…a hike into the Peruvian Andes not only allows for a glimpse into life in the Andes and its stunning scenery and landscapes; a several-day trek can be an experience of a lifetime into a world unknown and a true journey and immersion beneath the skin of the rural Andes, a symbol of Peru in its own right.

ENIGMA operates every handcrafted journey in-house, ensuring each adventure is as unique as each of our guests and adapted to your interests as much as possible.

From the breathtaking heights of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail to the archaeological wonders of Vilcabamba and Espíritu Pampa, choosing ENIGMA for your trip of a lifetime gives you decades of trekking experience, state-of-the-art equipment, ultimate safety and protection, bespoke touches and some of the industry’s most loyal and praised guides, not to mention sustainable access to some of the world’s most unexplored and protected routes.

ENIGMA runs all treks and expeditions in the Cusco region, with four different types of services available:

Private Services

Group Services

Luxury Services

Special-Interest Treks

Private Services

With even the smallest details specially designed for you, ENIGMA’s private services are highly personalized with the utmost flexibility. Choose your trip duration, departure date and group size; enjoy the tranquility of a quieter campsite and fewer travellers; and benefit from specialized porters to help carry your personal gear. No request is out of the question.

Group Services

If you’re looking to create meaningful connections, ENIGMA’s group trips are a wonderful, cost-effective way to join like-minded souls on your dream adventure. With a set departure date and group size for each trek, you’ll leave Peru with lifelong memories and lasting friendships.

Luxury Services

For the ultimate bespoke, handcrafted journey, ENIGMA’s luxury treks and custom-designed expeditions offer state-of-the-art camping equipment, en-route massage therapists, hot showers on-demand and carefully curated menus for an unrivalled trekking experience.

Special-Interest Treks

From yoga and spirituality to gastronomy or natural history, each feature trek is individually designed to incorporate one (or more) of your special interests. Tell us where your curiosity lies, and ENIGMA will weave together a magical, one-of-a-kind experience where you can combine adventure with your personal passion.


Our selection below includes a blend some of the most iconic trails in Peru and South America and our favorite routes in and around the gorgeously rich mountain scenery that can be found in the Cusco region, our home.

From the bucket list Inca Trail to Machupicchu to more unknown routes, on all of our treks one can feel the power of nature, the energy of the mountains, the silence of the remote, all while breathing the purest of airs and connecting with oneself. There are routes crossing communities and allowing you to experience and learn about community lifestyle, while others will by-pass snow-capped peaks reigning above 6,000 masl (20,000 ft) with chances to spot condors and even vicuñas in the wild.

Here we feature our most in-demand treks, but we offer a myriad more. From short hikes around the Cusco area to allow for a great outdoors day with a return to your hotel or home, to any customized route you may wish us to put together, adapting route, pace and trek duration to your interests. And then there are our hidden gems: the routes we can go to in the busiest of seasons to find no one, the ones we always dream to go back to, those we feel protective of and prefer not to share to keep them as pristine and genuine as they are.

Browse among the options below and contact us if you do not find what you are looking for. Our specialized team will be happy to assist you.


For the truly intrepid, our expeditions are adventurous, long-duration treks through local trails, usually crossing areas with very basic infrastructure and little, if any, tourist presence. Offering a unique combination of spectacular nature, untouched community interaction and remote trekking, these routes immerse you in the very essence of authentic Andean culture and lifestyle.

Given the remoteness of the areas along which we operate these expeditions, variations in the itinerary and campsites may occur. We recommend these expeditions to hard-core trekkers and adventurous and active travellers only. All our expedition programs are operated exclusively on a private basis.


Do you have a dream adventure not listed in our suggested treks and expeditions? ENIGMA organizes tailor-made treks for private groups perfectly customized according to your preferences, the season, your time availability and the areas on your wish list.

Our specialist adventure team, including office staff, guides, wranglers and porters, are native experts in the region, having visited many if not all of the mountains, communities and valleys in the area – so it is our pleasure and delight to craft a customized itinerary or trek, especially for you.

To discover more about Custom Treks please contact us specifying your desired arrival and departure dates, itinerary, and route or places you would like to explore.